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Hotel Management Company Services

Hospitality Management Corporation is hands-on.
We believe in a caring and innovative approach to produce the highest operating margins in the industry. 

Hotel Management

Utilizing proprietary and industry standard tools and metrics, we build a competitive business plan including a complete financial overview of performance, review of standards, staffing requirements, facilities oversight, and all other elements of day-to-day operations. We manage assets by evaluating each property individually to determine their unique value proposition and to ensure that local sales staff are positioned for success. We create cost savings across every possible asset i.e. national purchasing agreements, energy and preventative maintenance programs, health care costs, and more.

Revenue Management

We support the distinctive revenue requirements of each hotel individually.

At HMC, we understand the importance of the highest profitable revenue outcomes and strong market share and recognize that HMC and our partners are a single team with a common goal. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach, openly encouraging communication of knowledge, experience and best practices. Because of this, our award winning revenue management team has pioneered innovative approaches to include dynamic pricing and advanced inventory capabilities increasing ROI, eCommerce response rates and RevPAR contributions at each hotel.


Hospitality Management's Operations Team Oversees all day to day property operations with strong ownership engagement. 

Financial Reporting

  • Owner-centric hoteliers with hands-on accessibility

  • Centralized reporting platform allows for fast, customized reporting capabilities.

  • Dedicated analytics team to support property operations.

  • Revenue management experts focused on maximizing value and increasing market share

  • Leverage scale and largest buying power to deliver procurement cost savings directly to owners

Customized services to meet your needs 

Our financial experts have wide-ranging knowledge and are able to interpret data and provide financial intelligence across all brands, regions and hotel asset types. We use specialized, time-tested systems to interpret and deliver actionable financial intelligence in real-time to our revenue and operational teams to seamlessly shift or adjust their focus to achieve the highest possible revenue objectives and, in turn, profitability

Sales and Marketing

HMC's Sales Team are responsible for driving incremental traffic and revenue to our managed  hotel properties.

  • Innovative sales lead cross-selling program

  • Prestigious e-commerce and digital marketing training program and certification

  • Exclusive sales training and onboarding programs

  • Broad companywide talent pool to mitigate turnover risk

  • Proprietary sales technology solutions for reporting and market statistics

  • Franchise alignment with brands marketing programs 

Accounting & Finance

One of our finest attributes at HMC is our accounting team. Our financial experts have wide-ranging knowledge and are able to interpret data and provide financial intelligence across all brands, regions and hotel asset types.

HMC’s monthly reporting package includes:

  • Manager’s Variance Report

  • Customized Sales & Marketing Reporting

  • Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Statement

  • Detailed Trailing – 12 Profit/Loss Statement

  • Forecast and Statement of Cash Flow Projections

  • Detailed General Ledger Report

  • Monthly Occupancy and Average Daily Rate, by Day of the Week

  • Monthly Occupancy Graph, by Day

  • Customized Reporting as Requested from Ownership

In addition to the monthly financial reports, HMC handles the following accounting services:

  • Financial Statement Production and Analysis

  • Budget and Pro Forma Development

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Bank Account Reconciliation and Cash Management Services

  • Procurement of Credit Card Merchant Services – National Agreement to achieve the lowest discount rates available.

Human Resources

At HMC our greatest asset is our people we pride ourselves on retaining individuals with superb customer service skills which drives our customer satisfaction goals.

HMC's Human Resources Solutions Include:

  • Onboarding & Recruitment

  • Online Payroll Management

  • Strategic HR Guidance
  • Communication of key goals and objectives with management 

  • Recurring training initiatives for staff 

  • Employee recognition programs 

  • Discounted group insurance plans 

  • Competitive benefit package to include medical, dental, life/STD/LTD insurances; aggressive company matching 401k plan; vacation/sick/holiday; discounted hotel accommodations  

  • Implementation of employee safety program

Corporate Headquarters 



401 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221

Lewisville, TX 75057 



Phone: (972) 934-2040

Fax: (972) 934-2070


Hospitality Management Corporation | 401 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221 | Lewisville, TX  75057

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