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If you're ready to grow, learn and connect with a team of dynamic colleagues with a passion for excellence, come on in and start your hotel career, the doors open.

Where The Door
To Opportunity Is

We are passionate about connecting great people to great experiences, enabling us to master the art of hospitality. From the rich diversity of our "people first" approach to business, HMC's experience is like no other for our customers and our team members.

Our Guiding Principles 

Hospitality Management Corporation Guiding Principles info graphic

Do The Right Thing 

At HMC we believe in doing the right thing we operate with integrity and honesty in all that we do.


We believe our team members deserve a work life balance we work to live, we don't live to work.



We are accountable, when things don't go as planned, we own up to it and make adjustments to achieve the plan in the future.



HMC also supports giving back to those less fortunate by providing PTO to our team members to work with their favorite charitable organization annually.


We provide a career path for those with greater aspirations than their current role.

We recognize the individuality of people . We support and encourage inclusive behaviors and will not tolerate those that do not.

Work Life Balance

Be Accountable 

Serve The Community

Advancement, Learning and Celebrate Achievements

Embrace Diversity 

A Place To Succeed 

At HMC, people can take their careers to the next level, knowing they'll have our strength and size to back them up. Our passion to innovate and grow as a best-in-class hospitality services organization means there are more ways to build your strengths and capabilities. Our team-oriented environments are filled with people who are succeeding together as they develop and strengthen skills through our onboarding and industry-leading training. Employees' commitment to guests, owners, and each other is the foundation of our shared success.

A Place to Grow

Hospitality Management Corporation is a place for growth. People come here and grow with us. Associates can join at any level and rise to be their best while helping to define hospitality as a global leader. Here people can learn while they earn with some of the best team members around. We encourage our talent to become better and grow every day by providing access to the training and technology they need to shine.

A Place To Belong

Hospitality Management Corporation is the kind of place people describe as a community with shared values. We aspire to make all of the locations we manage feel like places where everyone belongs. We have an inclusive workplace that ensures collaboration and support. Together we extend this welcoming spirit to every person and place we serve.

Employees being served by Hospality Management Corporation staff
Housekeeping staff next to folded sheets, Hospitality Management Comany
Hotel Employee holding award and gift card
Hotel employees Hospitality Management Corporation eating meal

Leo E. Spriggs Scholarship

The Leo E. Spriggs Scholarship fund was created by Hospitality Management Corporation to honor our founding partners impact on the organization and broader hospitality community. Awarded annually, the scholarship is accessible to HMC employees and their immediate family.  The $2,500 scholarship, with a corresponding $2,500 from Leo E. Spriggs and his family, $5,000 in total, is awarded and announced in early fall each year.   

Corporate Headquarters 



401  E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221



Lewisville, TX  75057 




Phone: (972) 934-2040

Fax: (972) 934-2070


Hospitality Management Corporation | 401 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221 | Lewisville, TX  75057

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