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Hotel Development Services

Our team has successfully developed and renovated numerous full and select service hotels and has the proven expertise to lead any project, at any stage, from inception to completion. HMC also assists owners, investors and lenders with personalized services 

From pre-purchase due diligence and initial determination of acquisition criteria, through negotiations and closing the transaction, HMC’s team will assist you through every aspect of the process.

Acquisition Services

Our goal is to adhere to a managed growth model that allows us to concentrate services against a smaller number of hotels and provide optimal resources and unrivaled property-to-regional team ratio. We work hand-in-hand with owners, lenders and asset managers to develop strategic operational, capital, and exit strategies, we are a trusted partner for investors and developers as we are able to draw on our vast personal relationships to link potential investors with the strongest assets.

HMC’s Additional Assets:

  • Expert in due diligence and feasibility studies.

  • Experienced in construction and renovation management including design assistance.

  • The ability to source prospective properties through our extensive network of relationships with owners, lenders, consultants, brokers, investment banks, partners and hotel companies.

  • Underwriting, preparing and presenting investment recommendations including price negotiation and sales agreements, debt, closing and legal documentation.

  • Overseeing property management transition, renovation, repositioning and re-branding.

  • Hiring and training senior management with experience in implementing change and who have a full understanding of ownership priorities.

  • Feasibility studies, market research and investment analysis background, as well as skill in negotiations with brand regarding franchise evaluations, agreements, and property improvement plans.

If you are a lender seeking a receiver to help distance you from potential liabilities or a manager looking for a smooth transition to reassign hotel management, HMC is here to assist.  Our ultimate goal as a hospitality management company is to maximize the potential of your assets while protecting your property.

Receivership Services

HMC is a nationally recognized provider of receivership services and by utilizing our vast experience and management depth, we are able to develop and execute a strategic plan that will raise operational efficiency, enhance market position and ensure each property operates at its full investment potential. 
 We can act as a court appointed receiver and/or as the manager hired by you to protect your assets and operational services while under the receiver order. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of the process can anticipate a variety of potential situations that may arise and we can react quickly.  If necessary, HMC is also equipped to immediately take over an asset.

Our Assistance Includes

  • Bank and court reporting requirements, including initial and ongoing court appearances, and the ability to secure operating accounts and assets to ensure they are agreement compliance.

  • Development and implementation of a strategic plan to maximize asset value and secure the highest possible revenue and market share.

  • Review of critical risk areas in cash flow projections to identify revenue opportunities, as well as a thorough examination of the capital plan and monitoring these expenditures.

  • Detailed reporting and progress reports on hotel operations.

  • Brand and franchise solutions, computer systems, insurance needs, etc.

  • Contract and service provider agreements.

Corporate Headquarters 



401 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221

Lewisville, TX  75057 



Phone: (972) 934-2040

Fax: (972) 934-2070


Hospitality Management Corporation | 401 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 221, Lewisville, TX  75057

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